Best Vodka Cocktails That You Should Try At Home

Vodka is a drink that is capable of blending anything which makes it amazing and also has some of the best cocktails as well. These cocktails are usually taste better when they are cold.  Therefore, if you are someone who loves vodka, here are the cocktail recipes you can try at home.


Vodka gives this cocktail a smoother taste. When mixing the cocktail, you must put ice in the glass and then stir it.  You then use a lemon twist to garnish.


best vodka cocktails to try
best vodka cocktails to try




This is another cocktail that you can make at home .  It is sweet and easy to make.  When making the cocktail, you have to mix the vodka and apple juice into an ice-filled shaker. You should shake the mixture till it becomes cold enough.

Vodka Tonic

Vodka tonic is a cocktail drink that is mild and equally refreshing. It has an amazing flavor and it is the easiest cocktail to make. When making the cocktail, you mix the ingredients and then add a lime wedge garnish for it to have a better taste.


The screwdriver cocktails are simple to make and it is refreshing as well. It is one of the amazing vodka cocktails to have for those horrible hungover mornings. You can add a slice of orange to your cocktail to have a better taste.


Moreover, the ingredients include orange slices, sugar and vodka. Make sure that you add ice and then shake well for the ingredients to mix properly. .

Lemon Drop

The lemon drop cocktail is a bit sweet and a bit sour sometimes. Ingredients include vodka, lemon juice and lemon peel.  After adding the ingredients, you then have to put ice in the cocktail  and shake well for it to be completely cold.

Citrus Salty Dog

This is another amazing cocktail that you must try at home. You add ice, vodka, and grapefruit juice when making this cocktail.

Moscow Mule

Furthermore, this cocktail is also simple to make. The ingredients needed to make this cocktail include vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer.  You have to add ice to the cocktail then mix well with its ingredients to produce an amazing taste.


This cocktail has got a pink color and a refreshing flavor.  Some of their ingredients include cranberry juice and vodka.

Bloody Mary

In addition,  this cocktail contains vodka, tomato juice, and other different flavors.Drinking a bloody mary cocktail could lead to a longer life since it is healthy.

In conclusion, these are some of the vodka cocktails to try at home. You can drink your cocktail either when you’re watching movies, or playing online casino games. Therefore, make sure that you try some of these cocktails and taste the delicious flavors that they have to offer.